COVID-19 Message

For yours and our staffs safety.

Crystal Glass is actively taking steps to protect our employees and customers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The following information should be used as mandatory workplace procedures to keep staff and customers safe.

• Effective immediately, all chairs in waiting spaces must be removed to encourage social distancing.
• Ask customers to “politely” stay back from the counter. Create a buffer area in front of your office counter with tape to remind customers of the 2m social distancing rules.
• Ensure any property brought into our stores is properly handled while wearing the proper PPE (nitrile or equivalent gloves), this will be followed by disinfecting and cleaning, this includes customer’s keys/key fobs, sash windows, customer’s own glass, returned goods etc...
• All counter surfaces, telephones, Credit Card Terminals, keyboards & mouse, door handles, door knobs, light switches and offices chair handles must be wiped down at the end of the day and again throughout the day as customers and employees interact daily.
• Also, regular cleaning and disinfecting of lunchroom (table, microwaves, fridge handles, plates, cutlery etc…) and the bathrooms. Simply wetting sheets of paper towel with diluted cleaning solution (Bleach Water) will handle these scenarios. Thoroughly clean customer’s keys/fobs before handing off to installers to bring a vehicle into the building. Ask if customers can separate just the fob/car key from house keys and keychains if possible.


These steps are now mandatory on every vehicle that comes under the care of Crystal Glass. This applies to all vehicles picked up for transportation as well as operation on our own company vehicles.

• Employees must wear gloves and safety glasses while handling customer’s property.
• Employees must wear gloves safety glasses before entering a customer’s vehicle.
• Employees must disinfect vehicle door handle/steering wheel/shift mechanism and dashboard before operating the vehicle.
• Employees must place seat covers on each front seat before working on the vehicle.
• Employees must wrap steering wheel in stretch wrap before working on the vehicle.
• Employees must disinfect all tools used for the installation or repair


• Before staff can be dispatched to a customer’s property for service, CSR’s must ask the following questions:
• Have you or anybody in the home been outside of the country within the last 14 days?
• Do you or anybody in the property exhibit symptoms of illness? Fever, cough, chest congestion?
• Employees who enter customer’s property will wear gloves (nitrile or protective) and diligently clean the area of work before starting repairs. After the repair has been completed, a final cleaning is necessary.
• Employees will practice social distancing between customers and each other any time they are working offsite. Please “politely” inform customers of this policy upon commencing work.
• Employees must disinfect all tools used for the installation or repair
• Materials for cleaning/disinfecting must be kept in our vehicles at all times.

These new Policies and procedures have been put in place to protect our employees and our customers during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Please stay safe and Thank You for choosing Crystal Glass.


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